Enable markdown formatting for Staff Notices

Staff Notices are a great way to highlight key posts in a thread (from our team in this instance), which would otherwise be buried or not seen by users who don’t get to them in a long thread.

But at the moment if you include a link in a Staff Notice, it’s not formatted as a URL -

I’m guessing that there would be use cases for other elements of markdown formatting here too e.g. being able to insert emoji would help make the notices more visible.

These posts aren’t necessarily solutions to a query so using that feature here (which would also cause the checkbox to be shown next to the topic’s title), isn’t appropriate.


Yeah, adding “basic” support for markdown would be nice. Not sure we want oneboxes though.

@dan can you add that to your list. Low priority.


I’d think basic MD and linkification of URLs would be sufficient – and a welcome enhancement to an already useful feature.


This will be ready as soon as #7864 will be merged.