Enabling the Calendar plugin disables sorting by Replies and Views in Latest

What the title says. :slight_smile:

By default, topics in Latest can be sorted by Replies and Views, clicking the list headers. However, simply enabling calendar enabled in the settings disables these optional ways of sorting. You don’t even need to create a calendar-enabled post to trigger the change. If you disable the plugin, Replies and Views are clickable again.

Is this a bug or intended design? There doesn’t seem to be a relation between plugin and Latest sorting from a user point of view, and the Latest sorting feature is just as useful with Calendar enabled.


This cropped up the other day, but I can’t quite find where I read it. :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I recall, it’s actually a line in the code that seems to do it on purpose. I’ll see if I can dig up more information. :+1:

Update: @quimgil

I think it was recently added here:

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If I’m following the commit history correctly, the intended behavior is that, when sorting by start event date is enabled, then sorting by other means should be disabled. This means total sense.

However, right now sorting by other means is disabled regardless of whether sorting by start event date is enabled or not. This doesn’t seem to be the intended behavior, so maybe this is a bug indeed.


Hi @quimgil! You are right, this is indeed a bug.

I’ve pushed the fix to discourse-calendar just now.

Thanks for your report!


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