Sort category by event start date seems to be broken

I have “sort categories by event start date enabled” checked.

I have two new events created:

  • Customer Onboarding - August (created first)
  • Customer Onboarding - September (created second)

…but they show up in the order:

  • September
  • August

@sp-jordan-violet It’s not the most obvious but the “sort categories by event start date enabled” site setting is only controlling whether we show/hide the setting to “sort topics by event start date” in the categories settings :cold_sweat:

Can you try checking the “sort topics by event start date” in the category you have events?


Ah, yes, that was a bit confusing…but it does work now!

Is it possible to hide the Latest and Top options for a specific category, e.g. my Events category?

Should be able to hide them using CSS.

Suppose your category is called “My Events”, there should be a CSS class on the body that looks like category-my-events.

You can use that to hide the navigation bar (aka. Latest / Top / …) with the following

.category-my-events #navigation-bar { display: none; }

Will give this a try later this evening. Thanks Régis!

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Edit: That worked…but now the New Topic/notification buttons are shuffled over:

changing the css to:

visibility: hidden;

did the trick!