Encoded url to restricted topic

Hi, I red a lot about discourse and the feture where you can answering, or create a topic through email : great !

I would need an indivual private topic, only seen from contributor and one person, where this person could go on the topic with an encoded url, like google docs could create (like https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X0A0J8iP5caGT2aA3CYPX0yiDKzB325_V8hYUvNnVes).

The thing is this person must not have the right to read other topic in this caterogy, due to personal/politics contents. Just his/her question.

Would it be possible ?


Wouldn’t this be like a private message, which I believe are basically just private topics visible only by those that are invited?

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Nope, because I would need an archive for those discussions.

Think like opening a ticket, but more for a union, may be full of private

Like I see the “to” for my mail is encoded that it can go into the right
topic/discussion. that’s great.

Would it be possible to have an encoded url where a restricted topic is open to read/write for an anonymous ?