Error 500 when creating a new category

Hello! I am trying to create a new category in my discourse forum and add security, change the colour etc. but I am always getting the “500 Error” message. I finally managed to save a category (after changing the foreground colour to black), but I cannot do anything else to the category now.

I recently added an API key that I never used, and have now destroyed. I am wondering if that caused this problem?

I’m not very technical so I’m not sure how to fix it. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much!

Hello and welcome @starbug29 :slight_smile:

I don’t think creating and deleting the API would be affecting this in any way, so I think you’re good there. :+1:

If you check your [YourSite]/logs there may be some extra information on what’s causing the errors. Could you look in there and see if there’s anything relevant?

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Thanks for replying so quickly @JammyDodger ! I appreciate it.

Here is a screenshot from the error logs

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Well, never mind! I contacted the support of the folks who are hosting my forum and they said they restarted the software and it seems to have solved the issue, hooray!

Although they don’t know why it has happened…it is fixed however.

Thanks for your help and speedy responses anyway.

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