Error During Install Discourse on linode

unable to install discourse please help

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please help. how to fixit

I would

  rm containers/app.yml

And run discourse-setup again. It is unclear how you might have entered something that would result in that error. My only guess is that Your smtp password has a backslash in it. If that’s the case you’ll need to generate a new one or edit app.yml by hand.


how to fix it ?

Which command gave you that error? Rebuild? Have you done what @pfaffman said above? (removing app.yml and running discourse-setup)

If that is a new install, you may want to remove the discourse directory and try again.

It would help if you also post your containers/app.yml file here:

  1. Run cat /var/discourse/containers/app.yml
  2. Copy the result
  3. Paste here (removing passwords and sensitive data, of course)
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