Error loading my discourse during a software update


Seems like an automated notification generated and send to Discourse team to take a look? What should I do at the moment? I hope it will not affect my entire site.

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never mind…I did the manual update using the SSL method. Now its back online.


After the update is complete, this error will automatically disappear. This is because the front end has not been updated completely yet


Thanks for the info. But the question here is if the one running the discourse has no knowledge of using SSH to perform a manual update. If he/she is stuck with such an error, how is he/she going to overcome it since the error msg didn’t even mention anything useful like reverting to SSH to re-do the update. The error msg is misleading, it seems like staff from the discourse is looking into it and check back later?

An admin should have SSH access since it’s required to install Discourse, and also mandatory to upgrade Discourse a couple of times a year.

If an admin has no knowledge of SSH nonetheless, they can ask for help here. :slight_smile:

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If you followed the standard install guide you already know enough about SSH to complete the above.

If you didn’t then it’s a great opportunity to learn! :grin:

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