Registration Limit from IP Address

My users are getting the following when they try to signup:

“New registrations are not allowed from your IP address (maximum limit reached). Contact a staff member.”

I didn’t set a limit that I know of, so not sure why this is happening. We are all at the same three IP address because the forum is for a company intranet.

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Either relax the limit in site settings or make sure there is at least one staff member from each IP.

What is that setting called though? I can’t find it.

Go to Settings and search for ‘registration’ - have a look for “max new accounts per registration ip”

It’s in the ‘spam’ menu item in Admin > Settings.


If I make it 0 will it be unlimited?

Not sure - make it six nines to be safe (don’t go too high or it might overflow)

We protect against overflows in settings because this has happened many times before.


I changed the option to 100 and I still have the issue. Does it take some time to be taken into account?

Ok sorry my IP was blocked. I authorized it and it’s now working.


thankq this replay is good for me :grinning: