Error When creating custom plugin

Dear Discourse Community,
So I am following the instructions on Beginner's Guide to Creating Discourse Plugins - Part 1 to create a discourse plugin, but everytime I add a new sub-directory in the plugins folder, and add a plugins.rb file in the sub-directory when I load up my discourse instance again I get the following error :Error while trying to load. I am running the instance as admin.

To double check, are you adding a plugins.rb or plugin.rb file? It should be plugin.rb without the s.

yeah I have a plugin.rb not plugins.rb

Can you paste the contents of your plugin.rb file here?

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there is nothing in it, I am just following the tutorial

According to the tutorial (emphasis mine):


I named the directory something other than basic-plugin, does it have to have that name if the plugin.rb file is empty?

The plugin.rb file cannot be empty. Please read the guide completely and carefully!


yeah I see, I just added comments in it and now it shows up in the plugins url, thanks by the way