Plugins advisable as in must to have, should have and avoid at various stages of a discourse community?

I ave just installed forum on my server and configuring it. And trying to think clear on choosing official plugins listed here.

Dear admin and support team, kindly suggest and guide
Dear senior fellow members, please share your experiences

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Hi @bhavbhumi

In general, all forums run “cleaner and faster” when fewer plugins are enabled.

My suggestion is to just avoid plugins unless you have a clear use case for a plugin and to keep your forums as “lean and mean” as possible.

Many people fall in the habit of installing way too many plugins; so unless you really have a need for a plugin, do not install “for the sake of installing”.

Here is our snapshot of plugins:

We only show “who is online” to trust level 3 and above (to minimize load). We use the official Discourse bbcode and solved plugins. We also run a lightweight plugin related to our legacy forum migration (and are the only site to run this, I think, since I wrote it only for a specific purpose). We also run the official Discourse sitemap plugin.

That is it.

Hope this helps a bit.