Expanding @username to @[Full Name] would be good in enterprise environments

This is a feature we see wth Salesforce’s Chatter (which I loathe, but have to use from time to time). Basically, full names are included with @clay type mentions by using brackets.

I think the same feature would be really useful for Discourse, potentially as a setting that can be turned on and off by admins. With it on, using @clay would expand in the text to something like @[Clay Heaton].

In our environment, in particular, given that all of the other tools that we use will convert somebody’s username into their full name, it’s a little jarring to see Discourse posts with just @usernames everywhere, and have to think for a minute about who the people are.


I think this is a dupe of:


Right you are. My search-fu was weak. Please feel free to close as a duplicate (though the point stands that this would be super useful for adoption in enterprise environments)…

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