External Links not opening in new tab

Despite using this option

User Preferences: “default other external links in new tab: Open external links in a new tab by default.”

My links are stil opened in the same tab. Am I missing something or is it a bug?



Got an example? As there are several topics on this already, which have been solved in the past.

Why there’s no category in this topic :confused: ?

I just tested this on my sandbox, and it seems to be working as expected.


The link of your sandbox is doing the same. Its opening the external links in the same browser tab.

You’d have to sign up for an account and enable the option in your User Preferences section. I have it enabled, and it opens in a new tab just fine.


can we set it up in a way where it becomes a standard function and works even for guests. In other words, all external links to be opened in new tab for all users/guests.

Not to my knowledge. The default open external links in new tab is for setting the default for users, not guests.


@cpradio, i would recommend the team to considered it as a global feature of the forum.

Majority of my users and guest clicks on external link which are opened in the same tab and they don’t return!

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There’s already an admin setting to set this as a global default, actually. I don’t know if it overrides already set user preferences, though.

@sam where can I find this global default setting? I am really surprised how did I miss on that one!

Yes, there are a lot “defaults” under Admin -> Settings -> User Preferences

AFAIK most defaults are set for new accounts based on what the settings are at the time the account is created.

Note that the settings will affect only registered members and not anonymous visitors. (i.e. they are “User Preferences” as in “Member Preferences”)

Non-logged in visitors have the option to use their browser to either leave (a click or back button) or stay (a middle-click or right-click open new tab).

IMHO forcing new tabs for external links for them is a (albeit minor) form of browser hijacking because it alters expected behavior without their intent and is a poor idea more likely to irritate visitors than retain them.


And it’s even worse for people who use screen readers.


I am also having an issue here. I have a hyperlink in my category description, and I would like to it open in the new tab. I have checked the box in my user settings to open external links in a new tab, but its not working when the link is in a description. Is this a bug?


See the “Timer” Hyperlink for an example.

Why external links don’t work for non-members?

Simply that non-members don’t have preference settings until they become members.

Weird that is not by default or at least we have a choice to let them open links in new tab (non-members). Would it be possible?

Entirely possible. That’s exactly what right-click open in new tab does.

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Hehe yes I know but it is not the same thing… I mean that the choice we have with members, would be great to have it for non-members also

Have you set default other external links in new tab?

It’s off by default because it takes away people’s right to choose how to use their browser. For people who use screen readers, having a page open in a new tab when you don’t know it is very confusing.

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