Facebook Groups - Zuck is coming for us

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This may be of interest for this topic:

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No need to reiterate the benefits of discourse over Facebook groups, but one important benefit of fb over discourse is probably its ability to combine updates from various groups into a single newsfeed (and I’m not referring to the integration of social media with groups but to the combination of multiple groups). So I’m wondering whether the discourse team has any plans or visions regarding ways how users can combine multiple discourse instances into a single newsfeed?

The mobile app is one step in that direction, but obviously still very limited, not the least because notifications are only available for hosted instances.

Another possibility is relying on email notifications but that is hardly something discourse wants to encourage.

Finally, I assume there are possibilities with RSS feeds (which I have not explored yet), but that is arguably a bit nerdy and far from the fb UX.

Would it make sense (and is it feasible) to develop some kind of forum-to-forum interface that allows different communities to share notifications, for example, or to allow searching across communities, while maintaining the autonomy of each participating discourse instance?

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It’s good to keep tabs on what FB is up to, but with Facebook trying to be all things to everybody, I think the quality both in terms of user experience is going to suffer.

I’m sure folks here know this already, but it bears repeating. You need to give folks a reason (or multiple reasons) to visit (and continue to visit) your community. The platform you choose is only a small part of that*. The big part is the content and the tone of conversations. The people. The discussions.
Your community\forums has to differentiate itself from the facebook experience in some way… In as many ways as possible. Be compelling. Show value.

Then that content has to be published on facebook, on your pages, in the groups etc etc. Highlight members, stories etc etc.

Take some time to identify what folks don’t like about the facebook group… again both in terms of content and experience.

Focusing on quality of information and interaction for your (off facebook) community I think is the best way to go. That means that you probably won’t see mass user signups, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

*That said, appearance and UX is still important. There’s a base level that folks expect and they will bounce otherwise…

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This made me think of the now old “hub” discussions

AFAIK, it never really took off and has been abandoned but it may be a starting point for those interested in developing some kind of inter-forum project.

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Hm, I think what I had in mind is somewhat different. For me, the interesting challenge is not so much a unified login but an interface for different discourse instances to send notifications to each other or discuss the same topic or so. See also this:


We talked about this broad concept again while we were in India in September and concluded that it’s unlikely to happen. We looked at a few similar ideas and there didn’t seem to be a strong value prop.