Can I log into multiple instances of discourse simultaneously?

(Andrew Waugh) #18

I don’t think “siloizing” your Discourse like that would bring any benefit.

Have a look at our site ( We have categories for each specific model family, and common categories. Our site has always been organized this way. I see more “cross pollination” between the categories since we changed to Discourse - on the old system there was a bit of a “circle the wagons” mentality. Discourse’s search, latest topics presentation, and the ease with which users can link to posts in other threads are the only UI changes, and our user base is more or less the same, but people are helping each other across “knowledge domains” more than they used to.

The only benefit from multiple instances would be if you wanted to have category/instance specific moderators… but that means more staff/effort/duplication of moderator tasks.

You could use sub categories (Bragg-schooling, Bragg-social, Bragg-offsite) for base specific content and have a few generic categories (Army Life-Army Wife, Military parenting, hobbies).

Set up a user custom field “Current Posting:” for your users to indicate where they are, and get them to populate “About me” with past postings, and display that on their user cards.

You probably won’t need to move many things around because users post in the “wrong” category.

Using one instance will decrease your moderation effort.


Yes absolutely. I’m so what familiar with how the forum work, I’m already running a forum on it. Not related to this.


Good points there. Thanks you so much for taking the time to write :memo: this. You have some good ideas. I’ll take a look at your community and grab some pointers from it.
I’m building this community because I genuinely believe it will bring some benefit to the Army military community.


To follow up on this: I went with the recommendations made by the majority in here. Discourse has been installed, and the main categories are in place. Now to add some sub-categories. I appreciate all the helpful opinions. This is an amazing community, one that I am very proud to be part of. Discourse is a great piece of software, and it has inspired me to start learning Ruby/Rails.

Your opinions and subjections are more than welcome as I continue creating the community.


Is it possible to show only the main categories when you click on the top right menu?


(Blake Erickson) #23

I’m not sure if there is a better way, but if you click on each subcategory you can check this box: Suppress this category from the homepage from the subcategories Settings tab.


Thank you so much. Will take a look at it!

(Jeff Atwood) #25

Hmm, I think each category has the ability to determine whether it appears there or not in its settings. We used to have a “suppress all subcategories from nav” but I believe when @neil reworked this to make it more of a per-category config thing, we dropped the weirdo global setting.


Can somebody confirm if the site is loading slow, or if it’s just me? And if so, what kind of recommendations can I follow to speed up things a little. I have a 3CPU/5GB memory ubuntu VPS. I have used the same setups for another kind of projects, and it has always worked pretty well.

(Jeff Atwood) #27

Discourse is very sensitive to single threaded CPU performance. So if your CPU cores are slow, it won’t matter how many of them there are. Beyond that, I recommend configuring a CDN.

(Blake Erickson) #28

It’s pretty fast for me right now.


Thank you very much for checking!

(Eli the Bearded) #30

Something odd on your site. When I visited it in lynx, I was seeing html tags. Checking the source:

      <span itemprop='description'>&lt;strong&gt;Welcome to the Army.Community discussion forums!&lt;/strong&gt;

Sure enough, ampersand-escaped html tags. It’s there in the source when I look in Firefox, too, but it doesn’t display like that in FF, because later on there is a Javascript version:

"description":"\u003cstrong\u003eWelcome to the Army.Community discussion forums!\u003c/strong\u003e ..."

I don’t know if this is a general bug or something specify about your set-up.

(Muíran Shíoraí) #31

I’ve been mulling over the feasibility of a plugin that can be used to federate multiple Discourse sites either from scratch or using Diaspora.


That’s weird and I have not idea where to look for :frowning: :pensive:

(Jay Pfaffman) #33

You can configure one Discourse as an SSO and the others as clients of the master. No plugin required.

(Christoph) #34

While this is, of course, possible, is anyone aware of any site actually doing this? Although I think it is usually better to use a single instance rather than multiple, I am, as I mentioned elsewhere, curious how discourse might eventually be able to integrate multiple forums into a more coherent user experience…

(David Taylor) #35

I expect it’ll go away soon, but the old commonmark test instance uses SSO with meta - seems pretty seamless to me!

(Christoph) #36

Yes, that was indeed seamless (so seamless that Sam set up an topic explaining to people where they ended up and why they’re already logged in). But are there any “real” use cases with multiple interlinked fora? I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t any.

(Jay Pfaffman) #37

I set one up as a test for a potential client. It seemed like it was going to work out pretty well. The idea was a group of bloggers who wanted Discourse as commenting platform with the ability for members to be able to leave the fold if they so chose. It seemed like a reasonable solution.