Facebook oauth email?

On my instance when users try registering with Facebook oauth, after allowing the login app’s permissions they are redirected to the instance’s registration modal but the email field is empty and they have to introduce the email manually (name is provided from facebook). Isn’t the email supposed to be supplied by the Facebook app?

Your facebook oauth app is probably not supplying emails as it requires some additional verification from facebook.

It has been a long time since I did this but you may have to go and request the verification of your app by facebook by submitting a bunch of screenshots & videos showing how your application uses facebook oauth. It is a time consuming process and probably not worth it.


Turns out there’s no need for applying for the extented app verification you’re referring to, just had to request user_email permissions that are granted on basic verification. Works properly now.

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As I said, it has been a really long time (over 4 years) since I last configured facebook login and back then they were flagging apps for extended verification for user email permission (or maybe I did something stupid like changing app logo or something)