Facilitate reply-as-new-topic in closed topics

Continuing the discussion from Automatically bumping old topics on a category:

On the other hand, few users understand that (or how) they can create linked topics if they want help on a similar issue as in the closed topic. And on mobile it’s not possible at all when the topic is closed (except via quoting. OK, and via the post date.).

So, how about making reply-as-new-topic easier on closed topics? For example by uncolouring instead of removing the topic reply button on closed topics?

Perhaps it could be a per category setting, but I’m a big fan of cross-linked topics so I don’t really see any damage in just making this a site-wide default.

I believe this was discussed quite a few times before, can you do a deep search to see previous discussions.

Yes, there are a lot of topics about reply-as-new-topic (or reply-as-linked-topic), but I couldn’t find any that addresses the problem of replies to closed topics. Did you have any particular previous discussion in mind?

To clarify: the aim with my proposal is to make it easier for staff to close topics where they currently keep them open because they want to make it easy for people to reply if they have a related issue. (I then move these replies into a new topic, but it’s not ideal because the cross-topic linking is not as good and, of course, it’s extra work).

As an aside: I received no notification of your reply whatsoever. This looks like a bug. In fact, I see that I’m not watching this topic, despite being the OP, so it’s probably related to the moving plus you probably replying as a topic-reply?

I’m also interested in “reply-as-new-topic” in closed topics where the topic was closed automatically (due to timeout set in category settings).

For categories where staff has manually closed the topic, definitely doesn’t ever make sense to facilitate replies. But in cases where the timeout closed the topic, doesn’t helping new users reference the existing content on the topic provide valuable context for a new discussion?

This thread had a lot of relevant discussion

Even Sam himself suggested the same thing:

Maybe we leave the reply button on closed topics and have it flick open reply as new topic

But Jeff said:

I think that would be super super dangerous personally. Maybe only for tl2 users or higher.

I assume the danger here is perpetual discussion of topics that the staff has determined is inappropriate or not productive for the site.

Perhaps “closing” a topic due to expiration though is different than manually closing a topic as part of moderation… And if so, continuing the discussion in context may be appropriate.

What do you think @sam?

Feels to me like it is the same thing. We auto close stuff that is solved here, cause it is solved. If you need to continue discussion then flagging to reopen or delete or something is the right thing to do vs having a “solution” marked correct when it is not.

Close timers to me are just the same as closing and don’t need special treatment.