Failed rebuild after adding plugins to new discourse

Hi im new to discourse, just tried adding a few plugins and now after rebuilding im getting this error

the plugins i have added are;

discourse moderator extension
discourse quick messages
discourse tooltips
discourse layouts
discourse patreon
discourse saved searches
discourse solved

this community is great most of what ive been looking for have been able to find posted by other users… exited for the future with discourse.

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Just comment the lines back out and rebuild, then uncomment one at a time and rebuild to see which one is causing the error.

My guess is that it’s likely to be the moderator extension plugin, as it’s currently tagged #plugin:broken-plugin.

Please check the topic for each plugin before installation, these kinds of errors are easy to avoid with a little research.


Thanks!! it worked after removing half, removed the moderator extension and it was still broken.


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