Failed to execute removeChild on Node

We run an error logging framework. Approximately once every three days we receive an error on the Discourse forums running v2.8.0:

Error: Failed to execute 'removeChild' on 'Node': The node to be removed is not a child of this node.
    at J (
    at t.reset (
    at e.t.handleException (
    at e.t.handleException (
    at e.t.throw (
    at r.evaluate (
    at e.t.execute (
    at e.t.rerender (
    at e.h.render (
    at De (	    			  	

We have not yet been able to pinpoint it to some specific functionality or action. It is just a user that gets this error and it is even uncertain that it is actually leading to malfunctioning or maybe swallowed somewhere up in the call stack.

The following plugins are active:

  • discourse-adplugin
  • discourse-akismet
  • discourse-canned-replies
  • discourse-data-explorer
  • discourse-voting
  • discourse-solved
  • discourse-spoiler-alert
  • discourse-staff-notes
  • discourse-migratepassword
  • discourse-plugin-linkedin-auth
  • discourse-sitemap
  • discourse-push-notifications
  • discourse-patreon
  • discourse-teachable-webhooks
  • discourse-chat-integration
  • discourse-legal-tools
  • discourse-math
  • discourse-openid-connect

It might be good to know that your forum has been running 2.8.0 since yesterday afternoon, so you might be looking at an old error.

Yes, that is a correct statement. I don’t know the previous version, maybe 2.7.0? The last occurrence was on Friday January 28 (occurred 3 times).

Previous version was 2.7.13.