Fakebook, a theme for social media lovers

Yes that is correct. :slightly_smiling_face: The first what I quote is Fakebook theme and the second one what I use is Fakebook Modern theme.

Hey, @dodesz https://theme-creator.discourse.org/ shows the latest topics directly, how do I configure this? I currently see categories as well which I don’t want to show in the center column to give the feel like a Facebook feed.

You can configure it in admin settings. Or as a User in user settings.

As a User:

You can select in the interface area. Click here! and change the Default Home Page section.

As an Admin:

Go to this page: /admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=Top%20menu

And change this section:

Thanks @dodesz

This is exciting stuff. I wonder if there is a plugin that I can add which will allow me to have an entire suite of emojis on the “posts”? Well, I am essentially trying to explore if I can migrate my community from FB to Discourse to get more control over the data and have some on platform SEO advantages.

This theme is actually quite good, but doesn’t it provide a way to have Custom CSS/HTML like the light and dark theme provide? I would have wanted the In House Ads to show in this theme but there’s no way to writer custom CSS in this theme…

Moreover, if we have category style to BOX then, the height of box is quite big.

Have a look here

You never needed to edit the theme’s CSS for house ads. You should create a new theme component with your CSS and add it to the theme.

This is a potential improvement :+1:

Can you please let me know where you see this issue?


That’s a valid point for sure and I’ll make sure to make the change as soon as possible on my website.

Here’s an image to show the issue. You can also see that the “#” in front of categories is also miss-aligned somehow.

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The profile section of Fakebook theme needs some padding.

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