FAQ vs Rules/Guidelines

IMO, Discourse linking /faq and /guidelines to the same address is misleading.
The default FAQ/Guidelines post is actually Forum Rules and Guidelines, not a FAQ.

  • Forum Guidelines is a mandatory, legal document, answering a question:
    What will get me banned?
  • FAQ is an informative document, answering a question like:
    How can I switch to a dark theme?

I tried editing site_settings.faq_url, doesn’t seem to do anything.


It should be set as the full URL to a FAQ page that is on another website. If you do that, clicking the FAQ link on the About page should take users to the external site.

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do you mean the FAQ tab, which I already renamed to “Guidelines”?


Yes, that’s the one.

oh, I see. I’d like to keep Guidelines where they are, with TOS and Privacy, but thanks anyway.
I hoped there was a way for /guidelines and /faq to point to two different destinations.

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Setting faq_url does exactly that, and it can be a topic on Discourse, doesn’t have to be a different site.


You are correct, however when I point faq_url to a topic on Discourse, the link /faq will take me directly to that topic, instead of displaying its contents on a FAQ page (like it does with Guidelines, TOS and Privacy).

I opened a new topic on this. Default FAQ page