Feature request: Bypass rate limits for API users when same IP as server (new topics/posts)

It would be nice to be able to bypass certain rate limits for specific users (without making the accounts admins or mods)

I’m currently hitting limits:

You’re creating topics too quickly. Please wait 9 seconds before trying again.

DiscourseApi::TooManyRequests {“errors”=>[“You’re replying too quickly. Please wait a few seconds before trying again.”], “error_type”=>“rate_limit”, “extras”=>{“wait_seconds”=>0}}

I’m not sure where now, but I thought I read @sam say that if the API requests come from the same server IP rate limits are automatically by-passed… but I can’t find the post now :confused:

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Is this what you were looking for? (Post #3, and click on Sam’s avatar in the post that Kane quoted. It will display the code that Sam entered.)