Feature request: Include globally pinned topics in the Activity Summary

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Activity Summary Emails Guide:

Our Community Activity Summary could be improved by including globally pinned topics.

My request: If a topic is pinned globally, that topic is included in the next Activity Summary sent to anyone who hasn’t visited the Community since the topic was created.

Why? Sometimes there is content we need users to be aware of, and this would give us a way to invite them back into the Community to comment on it. By allowing only the content that’s currently very popular to be featured, we ensure that only people interested in those same things will care enough to return to Community. This creates a downward spiral where Community becomes less diverse and activity revolves around the interests of a select handful of active participants.

I’m not the first to make this suggestion, but I’ll be that guy and re-request it.


Pinned topics should be re-added to future Activity Summaries if they are unpinned, then pinned back.

Usecase: there’s a (global) pinned post “Status of bla”, which keeps getting updated as time goes on (eg. every month). if i unpin, edit, then pin it back, imo it should be again included in the summary mail.

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