Feature request: tag replies, not just topics

It would be useful if we could tag specific replies within a topic. We might make tags that make sense on a per-post basis even.

As a workaround, the Retort plugin and custom emojis does much of this, but it’s not quite the same.

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How would you use this?

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There’s all sorts of tags that could be used this way. Such as tags like needs-citation or great read or some tag to call out great examples of optimal communication. Honestly, Retort + custom-emojis is pretty darn class to what we’d do, the difference with tags is the flexibility to easily create new ones and use arbitrary text etc.

But I’m not certain we care enough, it’s one of those things I imagine would be useful but open to arguments against it (or to it being considered just not worthwhile enough).

I’d be pretty strongly pushing for this if not for the decent Retort and custom-emoji approach being possible. So, tagging posts should be considered an alternative approach that may have some advantages (but obviously the big disadvantage of not being already usable, needing coding changes to implement).

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Seeing as the Retort plugin already covers this use case fairly well, I would suggest living with that for a few months and then come back to us if you’ve identified certain critical shortcomings.

Tags for replies is pretty complicated, and we’d need to see very strong demand plus some obvious use cases before considering it.


Maybe it wouldn’t be a first class feature per sé, but I think using post_custom_fields could get close.

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