Users add tags to replies?

Is it possible to allow users to add tags to replies?

The basic tag implementation seems to be that the topic creator adds tags to the topics, and those tags can only be changed in the first post of the topic. Is it possible to allow users to add additional tags per reply?

(so, basically, an ability to add tags in a reply just like a user can add tags in the first post)

In my case, it can occur where users say something in their replies that is related to the topic, but also relates to other subjects. So it would be helpful for the users to later be able to search by subject (ie, tags), and find those replies.

If its not currently available (which maybe its not), wondering how hard it would be to implement–if not too bad, I might post to marketplace for it.

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No, this isn’t currently possible, though trust level 3 users can add tags to other people’s questions, so a social solution of encouraging your regular members to do that might be enough.


Thanks. A key use case is actually the topic creator adding tags on a per reply basis. So it’s important for the tags to be specifically tied to the replies.

No this is not possible, nor is it planned for any time in the forseeable future.