Featured Flip Cards

A modification of the Featured Tiles theme component. Displays featured topics in a row of flip cards:

As the cards shouldn’t get too big or too small, the component uses breakpoints for different window dimensions. It basically shows two cards on mobile, four on tablet and five or six on desktop. You should at least feature six topics.

In any case, it’s more fun if you have some more and use the randomize feature:

Screenshot from 2021-06-18 21-06-49

That way you’ll always get a new spread of cards :black_joker:


Looks nice! FYI this happens in Safari:

Any chance for a square crop option? It doesn’t look great with different aspect ratios, or maybe a blurred version of the image behind it similar to what Topic Thumbnails does? Just throwing out ideas for you :+1:


Yes, it’s not set up that flexible yet. So it’s great to get some feedback about possible use cases, thanks! I’ll play around a bit with a more polished look for photos to see how to best adjust styles.

Regards more options I added adjustable settings for the aspect ratio of the cards and how thumbnails should be resized:

Screenshot from 2021-06-19 01-42-36


Any chance to increase the number of featured topics on mobile and enable horizontal scrolling? That would be awesome

I have problem flip card not show on moboil.




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I can’t reproduce this on my site, but I see you have various components installed to show above the list area, and except “who’s online” none of them are displayed. Maybe look into this?

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I think this is somehow a issue with safari, as since installing this the only members having issues on our forum are using safari, which it seems @Bank_Live is using also.

@Bank_Live’s site doesn’t display the component on chrome either. I don’t think that issue is related to the component, at least I can’t reproduce it.

But yes, there’s some css issues with safari and I can look into it in a week. Don’t have a mac at hand right now and can’t reproduce it on webkit on linux.


Any news on the safari issue?

The component uses the aspect-ratio property. I thought it’s supported on Safari, but apparently only from the next release (15).

To make it work for now I added a quick fix to the settings. You’d have to add a calculated percentage and then the aspect ratio will be simulated with a CSS hack:

Screenshot from 2021-08-13 02-31-01


Thank you! Works a charm on our community
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