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I first want to say thank you for this amazing component. It has taken our forum up a few notches visually and a brilliant way to revive old threads without the need for staff to bump them to keep them fixable.

I have a question though and I may be missing a simple solution to this, but is it possible to remove the OPs avatar from the tile… Or preferably just remove the clickablility of the OPs avatar?

Thank you for this David, I am trying to get display-on-categories and scope-to-category working but I can only get the featured tiles to display on Latest and Categories home page, not the individual categories. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here, below are my settings. I have tried this with all other TC’s disabled and in safe mode with unofficial plugins disabled. I don’t see anything in the console or logs related to this.

Settings screenshot

Also, is there any way to add spacing between the images?

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IS there a wat to show 4 tiles in desktop and just 1 or 2 on mobile? It doesn’t look so good on it. Thanks!

Do you have editors-pick topics in every individual category?

You could do this using CSS, yes. Something like

.featured-tiles-container {
    gap: 1em;

This could also be done with CSS. To hide the 3rd, 4th and 5th square on mobile, you could do something like:

.mobile-view .featured-tiles-container > .featured-tile:nth-child(2) ~ .featured-tile {
    display: none;

Yes, I even tried setting it to only one category where the tag is used and it does not show up in that category. I tried different tags that are not part of tag groups, a category without restricted tags, but nothing seems to work. I also tried another site I have that is much simpler, doesn’t have TLP installed, etc. and it doesn’t work there either, even tried featuring a category rather than a tag, still doesn’t show up in any categories.

This works perfectly in firefox and chrome, but not safari. Any other ideas?

Also, a small feature request to have a title for the featured images, because how are people supposed to know what these images are? I know, I know, submit a PR, but trust me you wouldn’t want me to :grin: Just something like this:

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Same here. I’m trying out the component on a new instance, so there’s not much else to disable. The featured tiles only show on Latest and Categories.


Hey @david

In my tests for some existing topics the image is not appearing. I am running on latest test-passed.
What I tried so far:

  • put the image into the first line of the first post
  • renew HTML of the first post
  • removing and re-adding the featured tag
  • issue persists in theme preview as well

Any ideas?

I have this exact same issue. Were you able to fix it?

Any reason why this does not show on category pages even tho the option for it is ticked?

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I have the same issue: It doesn’t show on category pages, even when it’s the only active component. Can you help @david?

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I’ve made an update that should fix this for category pages; give it a try!


It works Kris, you rock!

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Does anyone have an idea of how to insert text above this component or below .list-controls? I really need text above to explain what these images are. Red line in image below is where I need it. Thanks!

For a quick solution you can always use the before or after selectors to insert content on your site. E.g:

.featured-tiles::before {
  content: "Hello There";
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Thanks Nolo, that will work for now! Would be nice to add a URL in there, but this will suffice. Thanks for your help.

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Such a GORGEOUS site, @davidkingham !!! Stunning!!!

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This looks really nice…when it works.
On our Cloud Discourse site it only works if you select only one tag. It shows empty banner line if more than one tag are selected.

Update: sometimes pictures are not shown on the main page, but going to the category with topics tagged with the selected tag helps. Returning to the main page shows the pictures on the banner.

Can anyone else try and confirm?

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Yep I’m having this same issue. The ones without images don’t even have the ‘featured’ tag

Feature request idea

EDiT looks like it should work as I describe. :man_facepalming:

However on Air theme it is blank as below. Whhat am I doing wrong? Can if needed dm yiu site link.

I have 2 topics with pics in op first post. Pics are first in post.

I recently installed your theme component, and I thought it would be great if you added these 2 features

  1. Next and prev button
    I have referenced this code but don’t know how to add it to your customizations

javascript - Add prev/next buttons to scroll container with CSS and jQuery - Stack Overflow

  1. Allow loading additional content after the user has viewed all previous news

This helps users have an optimal experience on both desktop and mobile and at the same time be familiar with stories applications on social networks, as well as I see many articles where Google is currently very interested in stories content.

This is my custom on desktop and mobile

View at https://businesslab.vn