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Is there an UI possibility to filter all User which are only at TL0 (I.e. not in TL1 or higher). The normal select by group function includes all in higher levels. I guess a function „not in group tl1“ would do the trick.

Is there a way to list which email addresses have not been verified, or more specifically who has no verified email yet. In extension to that, can approval be delayed until a email is verified, it seems to not wait for this (and also does not make it obvious that the email is not yet verified).

As an admin or moderator, you have access to that list from your dashboard:

Clicking on one of those will take you to a filtered admin user list. eg /admin/users/list/newuser

I’m not sure of a UI version of this, but a data explorer query could certainly do it.

I don’t believe you can delay approval until after verification, but they wouldn’t be able to access the site until after verification so it may not have a discernable difference?

Yes thanks, I saw that. But I had the impression it also shows users which are in TLx+TL0, but as you mentioned the /newuser was the filter which avoids that (for TL0 only).

it would reduce moderator involvement for spam joins. But its not an issue right now. (And also it looks like sometimes unvalidated users actually are not presented for approval as expected… so maybe I miss remembered).

I think for the time being I will have a regular look on the newuser/ and watch out for users which are not linked - they are stuck in validation.

Thanks for answering.

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