Message _only_ TL2 users

This topic suggests using the TL2 group to send a message to those users.

However, in looking at the membership in that group on my site, it seems that all my TL4 users are also in the TL2 group.

That’s cool. I understand the logic. But that means that if I want to send out a message to TL2 users

Are you interested in shaping the direction of [product]? We’re looking for user input on…

it will also go to all my TL4 colleagues in the company.

Is there a way to target a message only to users who are currently at TL2?

Or must I go the route of downloading and filtering an email list?


There is nothing in the Discourse user interface that I am aware of that will allow you to send a PM to a trust level group while excluding users who have achieved a higher trust level. The best approach that I can come up with is to click the number link from the “Users per Trust Level” section of your site’s admin dashboard:

For example, clicking the “5” link for the Trust Level 2 entry in the above screenshot takes me to my site’s /admin/users/list/member page. It shows a list of users who have the Trust Level 2 (Member) status and excludes any trust level 3 and 4 users on my site. The easiest way to target these users with a message would be to click the “Export” link from the users page, then use the email addresses from the results that are returned to send emails to the users from an external service.


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