"First post only" filter to take into account edits/merge into category after the fact?

Hey all,

On our self-hosted Discourse instance with the chat-integration plugin, we have it set up so that new threads in a certain category trigger notifications in our company Slack in a certain channel via “First post only” filter.

It sometimes occurs that people post in the wrong place and then edit it into the category after the fact, or sometimes we manually merge some responses into a new thread in that category. Sometimes this is done by staff members, but more often than not by our community members and then we’d still like to see a notification of the thread.

Under these circumstances however, we do not see any notifications in Slack. It seems to be that the notifications only get triggered when people actually post it straight in that category, and not from later edits or merge actions. Is this something that could be implemented (perhaps as option), or is this intentionally designed this way?



Did you ever find a workaround for this?

Unfortunately not – we’ve instead told our community moderators to close posts that are in the wrong category and linking the user to the one that they should post in instead, rather than editing it into the category. Our moderators usually catch wrongly categorized posts very quickly after they are posted, so this “works” for us for now, albeit not very convenient.

That’s really unfortunate. There is a recent change, however:

You may want to test it out again…

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