Slack category to show only replies in a specific Discourse category

I am trying to setup a slack channel where I can see all of the replies that happen within a specific category. The category is named “Knowledge”. I followed the instructions for setting up rules for a specific category and it is sending all information to a specific Slack channel like I wanted. The issue is I only want to see the post replies and not new posts created. Is there a way to do this? In the options for the Slack filters I only see the option to display “All posts and replies”.

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Unfortunately there is no option for “only replies”. The chat-integration options match up with the core discourse notification levels of “watching” and “watching first post”.

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Okay thank you for the reply. Any ideas as to a way to accomplish this?

If you have some development experience, you could try creating a plugin which overrides this function:

You could add return if post.post_number == 1 at the top, and then it would not send any messages for the first post in a topic.