First topics that include pictures are flagged as spam

Hello, I offer the feature of asking questions with pictures on my site to my members. However, there is a problem. Users who come to my site to ask questions with pictures tend to get stuck reviewing the questions when they open a topic. Is there any way to prevent this? So, I highlight this feature, but when users ask questions, they get stuck in spam. It feels bad.

I’m waiting for your suggestions, thank you.

Do you mean they get the blue panel which lists “similar topics”? Or is that they get the advice to search first, before posting? Or something else?

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When they end up in your Review Queue, what is the reason given in the box? Are they definitely being marked as spam?

If they’re only including a picture and no (or very little) text then they may be triggering the min first post typing time criteria.


I think it was falling into the approval queue because of these two settings. The topics of those whose trust level was lower than 1 were set to be approved. I set it to default setting. I hope I don’t have the same problem from now on. Thanks for helping.

– 05/10/2023

I think it has something to do with this, a new issue has been re-examined and it is emphasized at the bottom that it is related to this: min first post typing time

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