Primary group not made primary

I have two groups. One has “Automatically set as primary group” checked, the other doesn’t. I was in the regular group. Then I created the primary group and added myself to it. Somehow my flair and title are still set according to the regular group. I can’t think of anything other than flair and title that would indicate that the group is “primary.” Am I missing something?

According to this post, even competing primary groups should be set based on the latest assignment. In this case I’m dealing with a primary group, set second, competing with a regular group, and it’s still not doing anything.

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Hmm, someone worked on this recently. Do you recall who @david?

@xrav3nz has made some changes recently

@jtbayly when you view the user in the admin panel, has the “primary group” updated correctly? (i.e. has the primary group failed to change, or have the title/flair failed to follow the primary group)


The user is both in the group, and it shows that group as the primary.


Currently, by design, joining a primary group will only update title if:

  • the user do not already have a title
  • or, the user’s title is from the previous primary group

Should we maybe add another rule?

  • or, the user did not have a primary group

I haven’t worked on flairs but I think they are only tied to the user’s primary group, could you confirm that it is showing the previous regular group’s flair?


Why would it update and override a title from a prior primary group but not a title that doesn’t even rise to primary?

Seems like it should update unless title was set manually.

The regular group has no flair at all. And no flair is showing on the user in spite of the primary group having flair.

I’m not sure what changed, but the flair is showing now. Perhaps user error? If so, I’m sorry for the confusion.