Flair not allowed for automatic trust level groups?

When managing a group, I see this:

However, notice this group view that allows flair…why don’t I have this?

As seen in this post: Trust-Level Avatar Flair

I’m running the absolute latest Discourse version

Update: I do have this if I create new group, just not existing groups.

Flair exists for groups, not trust levels.

Though they seem the same, trust levels are not groups.

I see that. Our groups I guess are named trust levels. I’ll edit the question

It still remains. Why can’t I assign flair to existing groups but I can if I create new groups?

Flair for automatic groups has been discussed before (https://meta.discourse.org/t/proposal-flair-on-avatar-for-trust-level/81250/5) and is something that will likely exist at some point in the future, but it isn’t a current priority.

The main reason is that automatic groups lack some of the features that manually created groups have:

If you’d like to add flair to a trust level, there is a theme component that can do it.