Flair_url is always NULL in SQL query?

I’m working on a plugin that uses the Group flair image.

When I perform a SQL query to grab the flair_url from the groups table, it returns NULL for every group despite having an image uploaded. The Discourse data explorer plugin also confirms this (SELECT flair_url from groups)

However, the /g.json page does provide a valid flair_url:

What’s up with this? is there some quirk about fetching this url that makes it hard to get from a SQL query? I’m still pretty new to Ruby and Rails so I don’t know exactly where I would look in the Discourse source to figure this out. I did notice on line 9 on app/models/group.rb that the flair_url is added to “ignored_columns”, - I’m not sure what the implications of that are, if any.

Just wondering if this column appearing NULL is intentional and if so, I would appreciate any tips to get that data from the Ruby back-end of my plugin


I think the data from that column may have been moved at some point. flair_upload_id seems promising:

SELECT g.name,
FROM groups g
JOIN uploads u on g.flair_upload_id = u.id

Thanks! This seems like a bit circuitous but it worked! :grin:


Yeah, the flair_url column isn’t used any more - we tell Rails to ignore it in our ruby code:

Looks like that’s been the case for a while now. @vinothkannans any reason we shouldn’t go ahead and drop it in a post-deploy migration?


Yes, we should drop it now. We already passed that time long ago.