Formal german available?

Oooh too many flowers! I’m still struggling.

  • Have a developement environment
  • Seem to have successfully installed the translations-manager. Is it correct it doesn’t show in the plugins section in the administration area?
  • Have set up a github project but cannot sync it with transifex. Fail on the config, I think. Or fail in understanding what is meant by “sync”. The Transifex project gets the new source files by the “Auto update resources”-mechanism. Do you per chance have an example config?
  • Still have not figured out how to get the translations once they’re in the repository…

Sigh. Hope to cope… please advice :exploding_head:


Is there a possibility that the formal german language files could e.g. named client.de_DE.yml and checked into the discourse repository so that anyone can use them?


Yes, that would be the goal. Having something like de_formal should be possible. I’m not sure yet what easier to do: Getting the translations-manager work with a plugin or integrating the translations directly within Discourse.

I’d like to take a look at the current state of the translations. Did you see my request on Transifex to join the team at Discourse Formal German localization?


Funny, but no. No news on transifex for me.
Anyway, have invited you there. :wave:


Hi Dorothea,

thanks for the invite on Transifex and sorry for the delay. This topic somehow dropped off my radar. I’m adding it to my list of things I’d like to work on next week…


Here we go. Please give it a try.
This plugin includes the hard translation work done by @DDo! :+1:

While creating this plugin I noticed a missing feature in Discourse: The new de_formal locale doesn’t reuse the German locale defaults for site settings. I’ll enhance this in the future.

The translations on Transifex have been moved to Discourse Formal German localization.


Great stuff!
Works fine!

Just load the plugin, rebuild and the plugin is there and activated. Now you have a second german - named “Deutsch (Sie)” to choose as your language or as default locale.

This is really great!