Formatting posts to look more like Wordpress blog

How can I, if at all, make the Discourse format like the blog post?

My blog


My discourse


also the verse block in wordpress

does not format over

fortunately it does not post as listed and gives me time to dr. it up a bit with an image from the blog so it looks more like the blog

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News Plugin does this?

(Just needs a little fixing up if you have the time or money)


If you know a little bit of coding, I might be able to help point you in the right direction.

I don’t know off the top of my head but it might either be editing the CSS of your Discourse forum or editing the HTML/PHP that gets sent from Wordpress to Discourse (I assume you’re using the Discourse plugin on WP), or both.

Could you share links to your WP site and your discourse forum here (or privately in a message to me) so I can take a look to see what’s happening?

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No, haven’t looked at that yet

And the discourse post I did alter already, perhaps you can view the change log to view any necessary code?

Not sure if this theme-component that be of interest

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Soooo the problem seems to be that your Wordpress post has HTML classes, which are successfully being pasted to the Discourse post (as is shown in the raw HTML you posted from Discourse), however, when Discourse is displaying the post, it strips out the HTML classes:

And this is some more info on creating a plugin to make this happen:

I’m not sure what the easiest solution would be for you. I personally wish it were much easier to whitelist HTML classes so that we wouldn’t have to create custom plugins each time we want to whitelist an HTML class.

If you can figure out how to make the classes not get stripped when the post is displayed, then after that you’d have to make sure that Discourse has the proper CSS for the HTML elements you have on your Wordpress site.

This seems to be pretty specific:

topics within that category

And my blog articles are not limited to any categories

That’s really impressive you figured out the issue so seemingly easy :clap:

/deep exhale

At one point I would have dove in with a hammer and beat this to submission, these days religion and law dominate my study time, the fact you sound perplexed yourself, and I don’t do to many blog posts slows my roll.

But, with what you wrote on the need to whitelist my thinking causes me to question,

Could a whitelist rule be made from content of the wordpress plugin used for designing the post?

I believe mine come from spectra

I don’t see an easy export option, but do you think a whitelist rule could be made somehow based on spectra settings?

Thanks all for your time, imagine if the world ran like this :thinking:

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To be honest, I’m not really sure what would be the best way to make it happen. I think it would require a custom plugin on Discourse that whitelists the HTML classes that you have.

It gave me an idea and I created a linked topic about how someone could create a Discourse plugin that would let help people on Wordpress have their posts show up the same way on Discourse, as I’ve wanted this option as well.

Besides that, I’m not sure how to do it and I’m also trying to dive less into code these days and more into love, conflict resolution, emotional communication, and more.

I’m glad I could help. One thing I love about this Meta community is that people have been so generous and giving here to help me, it has inspired me to give it forward. And I’m hoping (and working hard) to try to make the world run more like this in general :slight_smile:


My first thought was to invite you to my forum, my second thought was of the people on my forum you’d run into and then I simultaneously chuckled out loud and became sad, there’s a duality for ya :wink:

I’ll let your post run its course and close this one, thanks for posting the sentiment :hugs:


Haha, well, my perspective on love is that it’s not the absence of conflict but the ability to love through the conflict, so I’d be glad to join…not so sure how they’ll react though :slight_smile: