Forum stuck on the loading screen


I noticed that is stuck on the loading screen. It worked 1 hour before.
Nothing has been made from my side. No change in the configuration, plugins, themes.
No server tweaks. The container is running.

I tried to rebuild with no success. I’ve seen no error in the rebuild, but the issue persists.

Any idea how to troubleshoot this?

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It’s loading fine for me as anon.


Uh, weird… All assets from won’t load on my computer, but the site loads on my smartphone, and on other friends’ devices.

The issue is probably from my side. Thanks!


I deactivated the Chrome extension AdGuard AdBlocker (AdGuard AdBlocker - Chrome Web Store) and the site worked again. I re-enabled it, and the site still works.

I guess I’ll check this extension again if the issue re-occurs…

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