Free Hosting - Any Ideas?

I’ve been looking for free forever hosting for Discourse but I find nothing.

Any ideas?

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Oracle has a free hosting plan.

This requries a credit card which I don’t have

Do you know any that doesn’t need one?

No, you’d need a credit card for pretty much all of them.

Heroku is free but IDK how it works

Does anyone know how Heroku works?

I checked online but I sort of need a video because reading doesn’t help

Have you checked out this YouTube video?

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When I couldn’t open my trial account at first, I just asked a very good friend to open a trial account for me with his card. Since we trust each other and I’ll only use free features, it was not a problem.

But it could be interesting to know what you intend to do with your forum. Build a community? Then, don’t go for the free Oracle plan. It’s very, very slow. You can’t avoid a paid plan for this kind of purpose.
Install Discourse just to try stuff as an admin by yourself and do experiment? Then install it on your local machine, it won’t cost a cent.

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WDYM? :thinking:

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There are install guides here for development purposes: #dev-install

You should not use a developer install to run a community though.

If you do not have access to a credit card you will have a very hard time finding hosting, even for the limited free hosting that exists, credit cards are often used for verification purposes to combat spammers/scammers.

Please search Meta before starting a new topic, this has been asked and answered many times before: Search results for 'free hosting' - Discourse Meta