Frequent Posters not displaying the correct information

Recently the Frequent Posters section in the topic map under the first post of every thread hasn’t been displaying the correct information. Threads with thousands of posts are displaying the most frequent posters to have at most a handful of posts in the thread, and the list does not necessarily include the users actually with the most posts.

Here we have a thread with 27k replies, and it is showing the most frequent posters to have only one reply, while some users actually have several thousands on their own.

If you click on the users you clearly see that the numbers are wrong, as the number on the filtering button still displays the correct number.

I checked with the ones who run the forums and they claim they don’t make any alterations to the core and insist that it is a Discourse bug and not isolated to our community.


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that 23 isn’t actually twenty-three, but several hundred and twenty-three.


You are right, up to 9 units are expressed in single numbers and not tens (0) and units (x).

Surely the hundreds and even the thousands are missing.

I’ve noticed this problem too, started some time in the last three days.

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Oh, I didn’t consider how those numbers would look to outsiders. They are unrelated to the problem as they represent our levels on WaniKani, the kanji-learning website to which the community pertains.

Previously the numbers did display properly in the thousands, above the number for our levels.

Okay, something really is wrong, screenshot here on Meta:


165 posts in topic, but the map says 8.


Exactly, thank you for posting that. I originally included a similar screenshot in the OP but I was only allowed one image as a new user.

Maybe this is related to the recent whisper bug fix changes in these stats?


Looks like it’s my fault. Will fix.


This is now fixed :grapes:


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