Frozen Tag Search while selecting a Topic Tag


As you may know from my previous posts, I have a website with almost 20.000 tags. I don’t have any problems so far in terms of performance except one issue.

I have a category called “Question” and in this category, each post needs to have at least one tag from a tag group (all tags on the website belongs to this group). The problem starts here: If the topic is uncategorized (i.e. there are no restrictions to add at least one tag). Everything is fine and it immediately shows some tags:

If I select the Question category and then try to add a tag, there is a loading wheel and the website freezes:

Is it possible to solve this issue somehow? I am willing to disable the search or dropdown functionality, the users will already now which tag to put so need to display a preview. But ideally, it would be nice if I have the same fast loading tags similar to what happens with a category that does not have a minimum tag number.

I think the problem is that the filter drop down is trying the list all tags in the required tag group and crashes. I tried to adjust the “max tags in filter list” setting but it looks like this doesn’t effect that.

I really need to resolve this and as I said, it is fine to completely disable the filter dropdown, I just need to know how. Thanks!