Full screen composer on 11.6 inch chromebook

I’m on a 11.6 inch chromebook (https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Chromebook-Convertible-11-6-Inch-CB5-132T-C1LK/dp/B01J42JPJG) and when I full screen the composer it goes out of the screen. To navigate out I have to refresh the page, see:


Can you post a screenshot of a full screen browser window?

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I can’t reproduce this on a Mac, I tried a variety of ways, like opening the browser window on an external monitor (larger than the laptop), going full screen on the composer and then moving the window to the smaller screen.

Not sure why the Chromebook would be different… what is the browser version on the Chromebook?

(As a user, you can also use Shift + F11 to exit full screen mode.)


Are you running any browser extensions or plugins? Try in incognito mode to rule those out.

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Update: It turns out my chromebook thinks it’s a tablet when there is no mouse plugged in. When the mouse is plugged in chrome goes back to having the “traditional” tab header and everything works - the problem above arises when there is no mouse plugged in and chrome is in “tablet mode” where tabs act like this (they only appear when you swipe down on the top of the browser):