Youtube One-Box cannot maximize


So, I was reading through the simplified category styles thread, got to this post and was like “ooh, Dr. Mario, I’ll watch that.” And then I clicked on the Maximize button within the Youtube player so that I could see it in full screen majesty… and then Chrome 40.0.2214.93 had a little seizure and threw me back about 60 posts within the thread.

Subsequent to that hitch, pressing end took me back to the bottom of the thread, and then I couldn’t navigate any further in the thread at all, either via PageUp or UpArrow or mouse scroll wheel. The scroll bar in the right side of my browser was also completely gone.

Reloading the tab seems to have restored functionality, but I have a 100% reproduction rate on the above steps & symptoms.

Embedded youtube full screen bug part deux

Though I guess the reproduction is less than 100% with Chrome 40.0.2214.94. I did not reproduce once on initial reload after Chrome updated, but then did reproduce after going back to the tab after posting here to update my initial post.


I clicked on the video and then on the maximize button, the video went fullscreen just fine, after pressing the escape key I was also thrown back by ~50 posts or so, I’m on Chrome Version 41.0.2272.35 beta-m (64-bit).

(Kane York) #4

I can confirm this bug, after entering -> exiting fullscreen you are thrown back to the first loaded post (and maybe then some).

(Jacob Chapel) #5

Yes I get this bug as well. Not sure if it is Youtube or something else. I tried searching for anyone having a similar issue (on Google) and didn’t find anything.

(Chris Saenz) #6

This bug still exists on Chrome 43.0.2357.52. Firefox and IE11 are fine, AFAIK this is a Chrome only problem.

Repro steps: Fullscreen any Youtube video towards the end of a long topic (100+ posts). Like this one the OP posted above.

Then Esc or close the fullscreen. Chrome jumps back 5 to 20+ posts. As Riking says, the earliest loaded post. On a long thread this can be hundreds of posts.

If you try to fullscreen again, it will (sometimes) instantly exit the fullscreen, and jump posts as before. For me this only happens on a second or third try, could be any video on the page.

I’d add more examples but I can’t find any here on Meta. Short topics don’t have this problem, and most Youtubes here on Meta seem to be in the first couple of posts.

Plenty of examples on my Discourse instance if needed. One very long topic with tons of Youtube posts is found here.

(Chris Saenz) #7

Bug still exists on Chrome 47.0.2526.80 (stable). Repro steps same as above.

(Chris Saenz) #8

Bug still exists on Chrome 48.0.2564.116 (stable). Repro steps same as above.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

If it is a Chrome only problem you may want to open the bug with them.

(Dean Taylor) #10

I can confirm this problem occurs for me on Windows 10 in both Chrome 49.0.2623.28 and IE 11.

It does not occur in Firefox 44.

EDIT #1:
Experienced this problem 3 times in the last 10 minutes.
Note to self: don’t click the bloody full-screen button until this is fixed !
If I was only trying to watch funny cat :cat: videos it wouldn’t bother me as much.

(probus) #11

Can confirm this on Chrome/OSX as well. I don’t even get to see the video in full screen, it exits right away and jumps back in posts.

(ljpp) #12

Reproduced with Discourse 1.5 stable using Chrome v50 on Linux.

I have also (non-verified) user reports claiming that the issue can be reproduced on:

  • OSX Safari
  • Windows 10 Edge
  • Android mobile devices

(Jongnam Lee) #13

I reproduced the same issue on:

  • OSX Safari
  • OSX Chrome

It is okay on:

  • OSX Firefox

My discourse version is v1.6.0.beta7

(Jeff Atwood) #14

Are there any hacky ways we can work around this @eviltrout? The request does come up a fair bit.

(Robin Ward) #15

I was able to reproduce and what seems to be happening is Chrome briefly resizes the discourse window beneath to fullscreen before applying the video. I’m pretty sure it’s this bug which has been around for over a year :frowning:

In terms of a workaround, I don’t think there’s anything we can do as the fullscreen code is triggered within the iframe, which is outside of our security context.

Youtube fullscreen button transfers you to another post in topic (2)

Also have users complaining about it unfortunately.

Is it really a browser bug? Comment 44 makes a fair point. Indeed, I never experienced this behavior elsewhere.

(Robin Ward) #17

Yes I really believe it’s a browser bug after tracing through it with the debugger.

(Chris Saenz) #18

Workaround (found this in the Chrome bug thread) is to zoom in a bit, ie 110%. Maximize seems to work fine after that.

(Dean Taylor) #19

This very annoying issue just had it’s Chrome Bug marked as “won’t fix”:

There continues to be no update from facebook regarding this. It’s a style change from their end that Chrome cannot control. I am marking as WontFix.


Only users with EditIssue permission may comment.

So there is no way to comment that this issue isn’t Facebook specific and continues to be a problem.

Sad times :sadpanda:


I still hope the Discourse team will find a workaround on this. My stance is that websites should adapt to the browsers behavior, especially the popular ones.

We are managing a video games community and this is the most annoying bug for our users right now.