Generating mailing logs for console to check installation?

I seem to be running with mailing errors after a local install with docker (I want to tamper with discourse, planning to use it on some sites in the future).

The problem is that it requires mail to create admin. I’ve checked last threads about the issue to no avail.

So I’d want to know if it is possible to generate logs about mailing to discover what might be failing.


I don’t think You’re supposed to run docker install locally.
If you’re interested in development, install using discourse for development guide.

There are ways to retrieve logs by entering the container and looking for relevant logs (search for where are all the logs on this forum)

Maybe… I still tried haha, I know there’s people who’ve done it successfully.

For example:

Anyways… Isn’t there any command to generate logs internally at console level?

There may be! but I’m not aware of it!

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okay thanks. Will keep searching and if I find a way I’ll post it here, might be useful for somebody else!

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Search for

rake admin:create

Edit: Breakfast was calling. Glad this was enough to solve your problem!


that actually solved the login problem!!! thanks!!