German admin email?

I have an English-language discourse enabled, but I’ve been receiving some, but not all, of my admin emails in German. Last week I received this message:

Dies ist eine automatisierte Nachricht.

Der neue Benutzer baentsch hat versucht, mehrere Beiträge mit Links zu zu erstellen, aber diese Beiträge wurden blockiert, um Spam zu vermeiden. Der Benutzer kann weiter neue Beiträge erstellen, die nicht auf verlinken.

Bitte überprüfe den Benutzer.

Dies kann über die Website-Einstellungen newuser_spam_host_threshold und allowed_spam_host_domains geändert werden. Erwäge gegebenenfalls, in die Positivliste aufzunehmen.

What makes this most confusing is that, when I translate it, it took me ages to figure out how to whitelist the url, as I didn’t think to look for allowed_spam_host_domains as a string in the admin panel. Perhaps we can change the text for that to include the word ‘whitelist’?

Hello and welcome @Richard_Littauer :slight_smile:

That is a little unusual. Are both the English and German ones being sent to the same admin/email? (in case you have access to your own plus a second ‘general’ one).

I think this was a deliberate move away from using 'blacklist and 'whitelist` to describe these types of settings. Though I think the setting names are included in the message to make it easier to search for them?

Ah! I’m sorry, I misspoke. I received this as a message on the Discourse, but it never came as an email itself - it’s just in my moderation queue. Another mod is German; perhaps that is why I am getting it this way?

Good that we’ve removed whitelist - I think that was just Google translating Positivlist. I take back my suggestion, how the text looks is fine. Now the issue is just - why is my moderating queue getting Deutsch emails?