Get paid to answer questions

What would you like done?

Stack Overflow can submit questions by using bounty. I am thinking if people can ask questions with $10 bounty let’s say, and whoever gives the best answer can get the money.

The requirement would be:

  1. charge people who ask question
  2. give the money to the people who give the best answer

When do you need it done?

Just brought up this idea, don’t have ETA yet.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

$500 maybe.


Great idea. Close to my heart.

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Hey @damechen,

Sounds interesting! Could you go into a bit more detail on what you have in mind?

  • How would you charge people? What payment provider would you use? Would payment be handled in Discourse or on a seperate site?

  • Where would people be asking the questions? In a restricted category?

  • Who would judge what the best answer is? The questioner? How would this work? (i.e. what would the UI look like?

  • Would the release of the money be automatic? (i.e. once the best question is chosen)

With a bit more detail we can assess the size of the job and whether your budget is reasonable in that context.



p.s. The QnA plugin may be relevant here:


Hey Angues,

Thanks for your reply!

  1. Everytime people ask questions, we charge $10 (user can increase the amount, but min is $10). The payment will be processed via Stripe.
  2. People can ask in any category. Unless you pay, you can ask question
  3. Only the questioner can judge. User has to make the judge so that he can ask another question. If no judge, the next question would be blocked.
  4. The money will be kept in Stripe. Answer can request withdraw.



@angus, If this goes open source, I’d be very interested in this. Will the forum be able to charge a fee for each transaction?

If this doesn’t go open source, please contact me regarding group contribution.

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If yes, shall we implement with cryptocurrentcy too. It will easy to lock and send coin.


we should thinking about: “What if they spam question and answer with them self” and how to prevent cheating or just read the answer and do not tick on good answer

One way would be questioner has to tick a good answer before continuing asking another question. But what if there is really no good answer? :frowning:

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what if i have more than two questions to ask, then we have to wait or shall we post all.
There are many rules to implement this.

Ok, $500 is too small for this, but it may be possible as a co-sponsorship.

We’ll need to flesh it out in significantly more detail first though to see if we’re all on the same page.

@damechen If you could describe in a lot of detail how you see this working, e.g. “User clicks here, they see a payment modal… etc”. The more detailed the better. Try and literally describe what is happeing on the screen and use mockups if possible.

What this could end up being, which would be cool, if we made a general plugin for associating money with topics. This general plugin could be used in a variety of siutations: Question bounties (i.e. this topic), job postings (e.g. like in #marketplace) or product postings (e.g. in product marketplaces).

There are maybe four aspects to this:

  • Topic display. Showing currency amounts in the topic list and in the topic title display.

  • Collection. When and how collection happens. Collection could happen:

    • At the time of posting a topic

    • At the time of posting a reply

    • Without posting at all

    Collection would be handled via a payments provider, and could happen in the app or on a seperate site with a callback.

  • Holding. Holding funds in a payments provider.

  • Distribution. Same as collection. Multiple options for when and how.


@angus I might be interested in co-sponsoring this if a couple of us chip in. The main feature for me is extending badges and allowing users to buy certain badges.

Badges could be awarded to posts, and could also be posted as bounties for answering questions. Users would be able to see which badges have been awarded to posts.

The main difference is that the funds would go to the site owner instead of the user. Users would be able to use the badges they they earn/buy for certain privileges (access to private categories, etc.).

If this is too different to the original spec, or if there isn’t much interest, happy to work with more customizations as a private plugin later.

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This is some outline i just made. Anyone interested in can expand more.

-When member making a question they will chose value like: 5USD, 10USD… and the number is input manually. ( but when doing with fiat will be difficult than using crypto for lock and release coin )
-The value will be displayed beside the name of member
This picture show using USD
This picture show using crypto bitxen for example

So if someone have an answer that match with question from question the owner of question will tick as solution.

After that the color will changing from blue to yellow ( mean waiting for owner confirm or start process sending coin)
After owner confirm then the color change and tick sign is appear to prove that the question is solved.

  • The money/coin will be lock by the site owner( this case will make more trust )

  • In case owner of question do not tick on any answer the community given, but the community like or vote one comment is best answer or suitable with question ( more like, or more vote) then the admin/mod from the site has to warn the member that, they have to decide pay the money/coin to the good answer.( this prevent the case, the owner of question cheating on do not want to lose money but they want to know answer).

  • For Fiat ( money) I don’t have any idea on how to send money, but if with crypto then every account created has somewhere define address of crypto, then whenever the topic is selected as solution then the owner easy can send coin/ or the site can automatic send coin to that address which is defined under account.

  • The member can ask the owner of question increase the value. Because maybe the question too difficult to answer Or the answer is more valuable than $10. Then owner of question can increase the value from $5 to $10 or whatever.

  • Questions may only have one active question bounty at any given time. After you finish one, you can start another.

  • User may not cancel a bounty once it has been started.

  • User can set a time period for the answer. If the answer comes within that time, they will be responsible for payment. But outside of that time, they will not pay. Because they can’t wait for the correct answer after 1 year asking question.

  • User can not pay for them self

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Sorry I didn’t understand well
If I want to ask a question, is it me who has to give the money to the best answer ?

@enzo Yes, you pay for something you want to know :slight_smile:

ok, thanks for your answer :wink:
I think it could be an interesting option

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