Getting notifications for edits in topics with watched tags due to Question Answer plugin

I’m on a site running 2.4.0.beta9 and am watching a tag. Someone has started editing posts with that tag. I got an email notification for the first one and was very confused, as the topic’s latest post is over a year old. Looking more closely, I see that a moderator edited a typo in one of the posts.

And then, this moderator went about editing a bunch of other posts and I’m getting notifications for all of those too.

This is surprising because:

Ah, but these are all in a topic that has Question Answer Plugin enabled. @angus, is this expected behavior? (And I see that one other user watching a tag got a notification on an edit).

Edit: I can’t duplicate on try, which is how I figured out it might be the plugin, hence pinging Angus.


Unless you can repro on this is not our bug. I am pretty sure tags are enabled there so go for it.


@pfaffman Just to clarify

  1. Is the problem that you’re getting notifications of someone editing someone else’s posts? (getting notifications of someone editing your posts is expected).

  2. Are all of the topics QnA topics or just some?

  3. Can you reliably repo it?

I don’t think this can can’t be tested on, as, assuming 1 is true, you need three accounts, 1 of which is a moderator (which I don’t think you can be on try?):

  • Poster
  • Moderator
  • Tag watcher

I’ve delved into the QnA code, and on the face of it, it seems unlikely to cause an issue like this, as it doesn’t affect the checks in the post_alerter class that handles notifications.

Could still be the cause, but I’d like to get more specifics before drilling further.

I’m getting a lot of “edit” notifications that are notifying me about post created by other users.

Notifications comes from posts in topic which have one thing in common - I’m “Watching” them.

Strange thing is the timing of notification because I’ve also got a notification some time after the post was created, but there is no “post edited” flag. I also checked and there was no “system” edit at the time of creation of this post.

This affects also regular users, not only admins or mods. And I don’t have any non-official plugins. I have some official plugins but to my knowledge none of them affects notifications.

Oh. I dropped the ball on this and now can’t remember the details. Sorry about that.

Yes. That’s what it was.

I’m not sure if it’s all QnA topics, but I think so?

Try doesn’t have QnA, does it?

Darn. I was (obviously) hoping that it would be obvious and simple. I’ve not heard anything about this in the meantime. I don’t know just what that means, but now we seem to have another report.

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