Getting the DKIM to work with Cloudflare


I have successfully installed Discourse.

My Primary site is hosted on a cPanel VPS somewhere else.
While my is hosted on a Linode Cloud VPS.
And my DNS is managed by CloudFlare.

I have successfully configured the DMARC & SPF. But I don’t know how to get the public key to add in DKIM txt record. Where do I get this public key from?


Your mail delivery service should tell you.

Yes. I am confused. Who will be my Mail delivery service here?
SMTP Details I have provided are those of my VPS’ cPanel. So should i fetch the DKIM public key from there?

But there is no subdomain in my cPanel. Will that be a problem?
As forum is an A record in my cloudflare pointing to linode’s IP

Got should Google dkim for more information.

By default discourse will send from the discourse host name. You can edit a line near the end of app.yml to change it.

If your cpanel will allow remote hosts to deliver mail from a remote ip with a username and password it might work. Discourse doesn’t really care if your can dkim or spf records ;it’s just a way to see that your mail isn’t classified as spam.

Yes, the cPanel allows sending of emails from different servers. The emails are being sent successfully.
Everything is correctly configured now. SPF, DMARC, etc.

Only DKIM keys seem to be a problem. I did google a lot. But its confusing.