Other ways to reset password when password reset email is not arriving?

In my forum, I find it strange that with a gmail account, password reset email can be seen, but in a 163.com email account, not.

The 163.com email can receive digest mails, but not password reset emails. Don’t know why.

And it’s not in the spam mail folder or what.

As an administer, can I reset the password of another account?

If you must you can do it via the console. Seems odd though, first time I heard of anything like this.

./launcher enter app
rails c
>  u = User.find_by(username: 'USERNAME_HERE')
>  u.password = "PASS"
>  u.save

Sth not quite right seems.

launcer should be launcher

and I find

pry(main)> % u.password = “PASS”
SyntaxError: unexpected ‘=’, expecting end-of-input

delete that, only type u.password … no prefix needed

If the mail provider is very poor, they will randomly drop emails silently as “spam” in this manner. Yahoo for example is known to be like this.