Member Did Not Receive Password Reset Email

I have a member who is not receiving emails from our system. They have requested a password reset and I also manually requested the email reset be sent and they say they are still not receiving any email from us. I asked her to search her inbox in several different ways and look in spam, but she says she still does not see the email. I’m not sure what else I can do to help her at this point. Any suggestions?

I would start by looking at your outbound email service logs, to determine if they are being rejected, or bouncing, or whatever.


I’d see what reports. If they are using some microsoft-based email system, it’s likely getting thrown out if there are any issues with your mail configuration.


I did look through the outbound email service logs. They are being sent successfully and they are not bouncing or being rejected. Is there anything at all that I can do from the admin side of things to help her get back into her account?

If the user is not staff you can set the password for them.

Did you check your mail delivery as I suggested?

I am also having a user report the same exact issue. I tried requesting a password change email on my own account and that failed to reach me as well. Then I created a new account to make sure email was working from that sense and it came immediately. Based on that I would say there is something amiss if emails are going out easily via new signups but not via password reset requests.

Not to be a doofus digging this up but I have this problem all. the. time. Users being AWOL and more often than it ot is because they forget their password but never get a reset mail. When I get in touch with them (recently I emailed a whole bunch of much appreciated but AWOL members; having about 20 such conversations now over email) they know of the reset function, but never get an email, or they know their login info and it doesn’t work. I try to weed out the issue, talk to them about cookies, firewalls, ad blockers, spam folders, etc… but sometimes it’s just a miracle as to why there was not email… shouldn’t Discourse also show an outbound email in the log somewhere, one that I could copy a reset link from by hand maybe?

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Conveniently, we’ve recently added internal logging of SMTP transaction details for outbound email and @martin is working right now on a feature that will make viewing this information easy:

Given the queue ID from the SMTP details, one can take that to the mail admin and look up what happened to the email - this is invaluable for tracking a message through the system.


that would be super helpful, especially for those instances where direct access to the mailing service would not be super easy or maybe be the last resort


It’s live! :tada: