GIF animations cannot be pasted in

(mountain) #1

I have noticed the last two gifs I have seen here on Meta are static images. It caused the animation to be a single frame, and thus create some very funny but also very disturbing freeze-face reactions.

I’m running the latest stable Chrome and turned off all extensions to eliminate variables specific to my ux. Still the same behavior.

On further page-sourcing, I notice Sully is a png but sausage-slap lady is a gif, yet no animation (I am guessing animation was the intention; the ReplyGIF thread’s context is a big tipoff that an animated gif was implied to actually be there.)

(Mittineague) #2

Here is a drag-drop animated gif that is not oneboxed

Are you certain it’s not only the ReplyGIF plugin that is broken?

(mountain) #3

So it’s onebox doing this? And no, this happened on Meta. I don’t think that plugin is installed here as of right now. My explanation was deductive reasoning with the topic’s context (a topic about gif posting) to conclude that the gif of Sully was intended to be animated. I am guessing the sausage-lady instance was suppose to be animated as well.

This has happened before when I tried to CTRL + V a gif into a private message:

That was intended to be animated and instead it saved as a png.


@purldator at least for my gif, no - I linked (intentionally) to a tiny thumbnail version rather than the full hotdog thing, imgur just takes the first frame to generate it

(mountain) #5

Thank you for that. That narrows it down to my gif and the one from the ReplyGIF plugin topic.

(Jens Maier) #6

I don’t think Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V works for GIFs. Browser’s aren’t capable of copying an animation through the clipboard. Whatever frame was visible when you copied the image gets sent to the clipboard and when you paste it in Discourse, that gets uploaded as a PNG.

(mountain) #7

Hmmn. Interesting. But thank you for the clarification.

(Mittineague) #8

Excellent observation

Same image

copy - ctrl+v

drag - drop

Pasting animated gif inserts as static gif
(Jens Maier) #9

Yeah, it’s a shame that the clipboard is by default quite stupid, and extensions are too platform specific. On Win32 – and in theory –, it should be rather simple to register a clipboard format for arbitrary MIME types and shove entire GIFs straight through Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V, but noooo, that’s way too much work for browser vendors, let’s instead focus on stealing saving more userdata in the cloud… :areyoukiddingme:

(Stephen Kerr Jr) #10

Yup, sully should have been a gif :weary:

(Stephen Kerr Jr) #11

drag n drop, but that is just a hyperlink

(Jeff Atwood) #12